Buff® Ambassador - Trail Running

Pau has been one of the BUFF ® Pro Team’s sign ups during the last 2013-14 season. A firefighter, a coach and a trail runner, with thirty-five years old, Pau has participated in several BTT World Cups and nowadays he’s the coach of world champion trail runners as Núria Picas, of reputable runners as Judit Franch, or of motorists as Marc Coma. In addition, he’s been part of the trail running world elite just after one year competing on a professional level. Among his objectives for 2014, includes the Transgrancanaria, UTBCN and Transvulcania, combined with several World Cup races. He is also considering participating on a total of five ultras and some marathons. He says that he runs because it is his way of life and his main passion although the competition part is not his main goal. Even though it is what motivates him and also serves to set his goals.

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