Buff® Ambassador - Skiing

Even though she was born in Chile, while she still was a baby, Carolina Ruiz came to live at Sierra Nevada. She was only 4 when she got her first skis. In fact, her father was the main responsible of her interest in this sport. And besides of this, they were living at the best place to enjoy it. When she was 9, she won at first time the Andalusia and Spain Championship in slalom, giant and combined disciplines. And the following years she continues winning in these categories. In 1994 Carolina attended for the first time in an international race, the Pinocchio. Since this moment, she was improving her skills and that’s allowed her to achieve more challenges, till she got the dream of any athlete: participate at the Winter Olympic Games. Nowadays, Carolina Ruiz is well known as the ski world champion from Spain, because she represented 3 times the country at the Winter Olympic Games and 8 times at the World Championship.

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