Buff® Ambassador - Climbing

Born in Vienna, this young Austrian climber is just at the starting point of her climbing career and has already collected lots of experiences in the climbing world. She started off in a small bouldering gym in Vienna and soon expanded her indoor climbing experiences to her passion for rock climbing. At the first moment she started climbing on rock, she realized that it was her dream to travel around the world and feel the drive to climb the most exciting and incredible boulders. This dream comes closer with every climbing season and with every single experience she makes during rock climbing and competing all over Europe. This year she is competing for the first time in the women’s category and looks forward to qualify for the bouldering world cup series the upcoming season and combine these with visits at different bouldering spots, such as Fontainebleau, Magic Wood, Albarracín, Val di Mello, Hampi and many more…

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