Buff® Ambassador - Road bike

Joaquím Rodríguez “Purito Rodríguez” has been part of the road cycling elite for more than 12 years with a spectacular career. He is been involved in the cycling world since he was very young. Joaquim’s father, who trained a professional team called Colchón CR Valenciano, early pushed him and his brother to the road bike. His first’s races were with the Esport C. Barcelona team, where most members of his family were already racing. After the early good results, he could take part in better cycling teams every season, but the most important change happened when the ONCE’s team offered him a professional agreement in 2.000. The next big step was in 2009 when he signed up with the Russian team Katusha as leader of the group. Since then, he achieved winning the most important races and becoming one of the best cyclists on the world, until getting the current position num.1 in the UCI World Tour Ranking.

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