Buff® Ambassador - Slacklining

He grew up in the mountains and became hooked on sport from a young age, above all, climbing. Over the years he specialised in activities such as  potholing, skiing, bouldering, canyoning, north face climbing… He also graduated as a mountain specialist, and in graphic design and multimedia. After putting in so much training, he then threw himself body and soul into slacklining, becoming one of the best in the discipline.  In 2009, he was the first man on earth to walk a highline set at over 1,000 m without a safety leash. This was not apparently enough of an achievement for him so, in 2011,  he had the chance to perform  a rockface highline in Norway, smashing all records and setting a new one for the first highline at over 1,500 m. Bernard is currently considered to be one of the best highliners in the world but he also likes to combine this passion with his professional life, working part-time as a web app developer.

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