Buff® Ambassador - Climbing

Born in Barcelona, ever since she was a child Berta Martín has always felt close to the mountain and the sport of climbing. This sport burst in Spain coinciding with her adolescence and she decided get into this world, which has become in her actual profession: climb trainer. For Berta Martín, participating in several competitions has helped her to grow up as a person and to face different situations in her live; as compete and have a child at the same time. She achieved working her weakness and becoming them in strengths. “Compete means know how to face your own fears. They are the feelings which get you hooked”, Berta said. Step by step, our athlete gathers a career for more than 20 years.  And she becomes in one of the most representatives professional climber at female national outlook. She is the current Bloc Spain Champion, and we are convinced that through passion and ambition she will overcome many other challenges ahead in her career.

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