Buff® Ambassador - Mountain biking

Jose A.Hermida was born in Puigerdá, a little Catalan Pyrenees village, where since he was a child he started to play lot of sports.  At 14 he discovered his passion, and it was not the bicycle, it was the skateboard. Jose discovered the mountain bike in 1991-1992 and he loved it because it allowed him to move more free than with skate. Finally he bought his first Mountain Bike to do excursions with his friends. He started to compete in some races during the summer, and slowly his interest in MTB started growing. In 1995 he went to see his idols at the Germany World Championship taking part on the Junior category’s race. After his first experience in a high-level competition, Jose started a successful professional career getting a world list of winners. Between them, the most important records are his European and World Championship medals, the victory at the World Championship in 2010 and had the opportunity to participate in four Olympic Games, winning the Silver Medal in Sydney 2000.

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