Buff® Ambassador - Trail Running

Born in Manresa, this young Catalan moved to Berga at an early age where, surrounded by mountains, she trained every day to become the best at Ultra-Trail Running. She currently runs for the Catalan national mountain running team with which she has won the World Cup. That is not enough for her however and, after a spectacular and unbeatable season, the Catalan Ultra-Trail runner secured the well-deserved title of 2012 Ultra-Trail World Champion, having led high profile international events such as Cavalls del Vent 2012 and Les Templiers 2012, the race that gave her the title, beating top class competitors and battling for the podium right to the end. Núria continues to demonstrate that she has an amazing career ahead of her; she will have to build a display cabinet in her house for all the trophies she will be bringing home over the coming years.

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