Fusion of wool and technical fibres for balanced insulation and durability 

Designed for cold environments. Cushioning provides extra warmth, extra impact resistance & comfort

Suitable for every type of adventure delivery comfort and durability

Highly ventilated and cushioned sock providing advanced fit and comfort

Fine-knit, mid-calf socks to use under other Bridgedales for extra hygiene

Knee-length socks offering maximum comfort while on your bike


Bridgedale Outdoor Ltd is a global market leader in the manufacture of technical socks for walking, Hiking, mountaineering, running, skiing, and everyday use. Bridgedale aims to design and manufacture the most comfortable socks on the market; using the latest machinery, the most progressive designs and the most advanced yarn technology. Their unique Fusion Technology combines natural fibres with technical fibres ensuring Bridgedale socks are the most comfortable you will ever wear.

Bridgedale socks are sold in over 40 countries worldwide. Whether for walking the Appalachian Trail or climbing Mount Fuji, Bridgedale socks have become the most trusted and comfortable sock brand on the market. Woolfusion® is their unique technology that sets Bridgedale apart from other sock brands. Bridgedale’s Woolfusion™ technology combines the highest quality yarns – Merino wool or Tough wool -and fuses them with high performance microfibers; Coolmax® and Endurofil™. This unique technology results in socks that perform to the highest level. Delivering excellent value for our stakeholders while investing in advanced and safe working environments.”