Rechargable self-marking glowstick


Ni-Glo™ is a unique self-glow marking device measuring only 5cm x 1.2cm which can be repeatedly recharged when required. Recharge takes place by exposure to sun or artificial light sources i/e torches, LED’s, car headlamps etc. Ni-GloTM will begin to function after only ten minutes exposure to direct light but a longer charge or stronger light source will increase its brightness and prolong it’s afterglow. Ni-GloTM is battery free, safe and non-hazardous.

The key ring or supplied clip & joint make Ni-Glo™ suitable for attaching to rucksacks or clothing therefore helping to be seen while walking at night alternatively attach Ni-GloTM to tent entrance zips, keys, phones, animals or anything which needs to be found in the dark.