Buff® Balaclava Cross Tech Black

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The Balaclava Cross Tech Buff® uses several fabrics to offer maximum protection to both the neck and face for outdoor enthusiasts who like to test themselves in the harshest of climates. The improved Balaclava Cross Tech BUFF is now manufactured with the latest technologies including: Ultrasonic Bonding, Laser cut ear and mouth perforations. Is suitable to worn on its own or under a helmet.

96% Polyester and 4% Elastant
Has a fleece layer to protect the neck and the stretchy Gore Windstopper fabric which is a soft fleece that covers the face, protecting you from the wind and the cold. The upper section is Thermo Fastwick, a warm breathable fabric which helps to keep you dry and comfortable with a smooth and warm inner surface.
Nose holes and small perforations around the ears and mouth are to aid with hearing and for easy breathing and is also water repellent.
New Bonding technology has been used to produce a hem finish which prevents skin irritation by eliminating seams.
Moisture management which means the fabric wicks moisture away quickly from your face and neck.
Available in two sizes: S/M (53-57cm) and L/XL (58-62cm).
Machine washable and non iron
Certified to meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100
Thermal Comfort – Extreme Cold


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