LifeStraw Flex Gravity Bag

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Compact, lightweight water filtration system with expanded protection and 1 gallon gravity bag

  • Next level protection against heavy metals including lead as well as bacteria, parasites, microplastics, and organic chemical matter like pesticides, and herbicides
  • Versatile water filter can also be used in 4 ways.
  • Ultralight with high throughput, weighs only 6.94 oz (0.43 lbs), and capable of filtering 1 litre every 2 mins

    Maximize protection and water throughput with this ultralight, compact gravity filtration system. LifeStraw Flex is built to provide safe drinking water in almost any environment. The 2-stage filter offers next level protection against bacteria, parasites, and microplastics while also expanding protection against lead and some chemicals. It can be used with the included gravity bag, as a straw, attached to a hydration pack, or with a plastic water bottle.

    Stage 1: The hollow fibre membrane removes

  • 99.999999% of bacteria (E. coli)
  • 99.999% of parasites (Giardia, Cryptosporidium, etc.)
  • 99.999% of microplastics

    Stage 2: The activated carbon capsule reduces

  • Lead and other heavy metals
  • Chlorine
  • Bad odour and taste
  • Organic chemical matter
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