Muc-Off Bicycle No Puncture Hassle Kit

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You will never go flat with the Muc-Off No Puncture Hassle. ‘No Puncture’ is designed and tested to be far superior to tradition vulcanised rubber repairs. ‘No Puncture’ is an anti-puncture device which instantly seals any hole up to 5mm in diameter


  • Muc-Off ‘No Puncture’ is an important safety aid.
  • APPLY BEFORE a puncture occurs.
  • Sealing punctures avoids flat tyres at speed which can lead to a dangerous loss of control.
  • ‘No Puncture’ seals holes up to 5mm.
  • It is not designed to seal sidewall damage.
  • ‘No Puncture’ provides a permanent seal thats stops punctures instantly.
  • ‘No Puncture’ protects the tyres from punctures in the contact tread area, it seals punctures the moment they occur.
  • Loss of air and flat tyres are eliminated.
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