Muc-Off Degreaser Quick Dry Workshop

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When the going gets tough, the tough use our advanced Quick Drying Degreaser. This is our most powerful degreaser that removes built up oil, grease and grime on metal, plastic, rubber and seals without the need for rinsing, and it even does it in record time. Its unique, zero residue formula means that after cleaning it simply evaporates to leave your bike parts and components thoroughly clean without any residue. And because Muc-Off Quick Drying Degreaser reduces the risk of water damage so Muc-Off chain lube can be applied after just a few minutes.
Directions for use
Step 1 – Shake can to activate formula and spray directly onto selected area.
Step 2 – Use a brush or sponge to agitate any stubborn grease, grime or contaminants.
Step 3 – Wipe away any excess.


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