Ni-Glo Glow Stick

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NI-GLO Self-glowing Kit marker is designed for marking equipment and personal property; and is useful for anything you may wish to locate in the dark. The marker quickly recharges by sun or artficial light sources i.e. torches, car headlamps etc. ? and then glows for up to 10 hours in darkness.


  • Measuring only 5cm x 1.2cm
  • Can be repeatedly recharged when required.
  • Recharge takes place by exposure to sun or artficial light sources i/e torches, LED?s, car headlamps etc.
  • Ni-Glo will begin to function afer only ten minutes exposure to direct light but a longer charge or stronger light source will increase its brightness and prolong it?s afterglow.
  • Available in 6 fashion colours
  • Rechargeable for at least 10 years
  • Power and ba??ery free
  • No chemical reac??on involved
  • No radioac??ve technology


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