Sea to Summit Alphaset 3pc Cutlery Set

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The Sea to Summit Alpha Cutlery Set uses a durable aluminum which is hard anodized to add strength. This hardened shell also encapsulates the aluminum, to eliminate the risk of the alloy leaching into food. The Knife, Fork and Spoon of the Sea to Summit Alpha Set all have a hexagonal hole (3mm, 4mm or 5mm) in the handle which can be used as a wrench for stove repair. Supplied with a mini-carabiner.


  • Lightest metal cutlery on the market
  • Conforms to FDA food safety standards
  • Smooth matte finish
  • Excellent-value utensil set which comes with a mini carabiner
  • Note: the cleanser used in dishwashers will damage the anodization, so Alpha Cutlery should not be washed in a dishwasher


  • Weight: 37g

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