Sea to Summit Buckle 20MM



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Sea to Summit Field Repair Buckles are an easy and permanent solution for broken buckles. The design allows you to repair broken buckles, using only a screwdriver. As an added benefit, there is no need to take it to have replacement buckles sewn on when back from the field. Several Sea to Summit dry bags feature Field Repair Buckles: Stopper Dry Bags, Clear Stopper Dry Bags, Hydraulic Dry Bags. There is a choice of a) 1 pin ladderlock buckle; or b) 2 pin side release buckle


  • The one-pin ladderlock buckles replace single-adjustable side release buckles, like the closures found on most top-loading backpacks.
  • The two-pin side release buckles are a direct replacement for nonadjustable buckles such as those commonly found on dry bag closures and V-pull style waist belts.

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