The ultimate system of bike and helmet modular products that share a battery; where the battery also works as a power bank to charge your other devices.

The Blinder ROAD’s high performance, dual-beam, side-illuminating flash patterns keeps you well-seen and safe. 100% waterproof.

Front and rear Blinder MOB lights have got your back. The Kid Grid has an unmistakable array of 16 LED’s; while Mr Chips offers 64 tiny LED’s with a 120 degree beam angle.

The Blinder MINI punches well above its weight- whether you prefer the NINER model with its array of 9 LED’s and broad beam, or the DOT with an alloy face for added style.

A totally new bell where form and function plays equal roles. With a remarkable style and choice in materials, the OI BELL embraces a variety of riding genres.

Bandicoot is different from any other headlamp out there. It’s a streamlined, usb rechargeable silicone headlamp without the bulk, endless batteries and “boring” of conventional headlamps


Launched in March 2003 by Hugo Davidson and Malcolm McKechnie, Knog is a unique global lighting & cycling accessories brand, based in Melbourne, Australia currently selling Knog products to over 60 different countries.

Winner of over 40+ international design awards, Knog delivers fresh and innovative products that enable riders, walkers and urban adventurers around the world to discover their own sense of freedom, have fun, and live in the moment. Products include a range of Bike lights from performance standard rear and front facing to smaller urban lights; as well as bells and a variety of locks.